About 13 years ago I decided to go to Guam on a company trip.

The opening of Zenkoji also closed the curtain.

The opening of Zenkoji also closed the curtain. I did not go this time, but last time I went with three children. It is a seven year old book since it is opened seven years ago. About that time, the children were 3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old. I took such a child and went on a bullet train to a consecutive holiday in May. Together with the opening of Zenkoji during the consecutive holidays, events such as drawing petals of tulips and drawing large pictures on the ground were also performed at the same time, and it was a great effort. A thing happened in such a population. As soon as I arrived at the venue where such a petal 's picture was drawn, my 3 - year - old daughter ran joyfully. The seven-year-old son, who reacted quickly, immediately took her and the hands of the second son at the age of five were not holding, our couple completely lost sight of my eldest son and daughter. However, despite hurrying, I headed ahead but I could not find the figure of the two even if I go forward. ""Oh ... What shall I do!"" So I just noticed. The 3 or 7 year old kids are supposed to be running so far. I hurried back. It is as I thought. A bit behind where I lost sight, thanks to many people, my daughter and son were indebted to the kind people. The eldest son who had always been teasing a 3 - year - old daughter, I praised many things I had caught my sister firmly. However, the 3 - year - old daughter continued to complain, ""I am afraid, I grabbed my clothes strongly!"" It hurt somehow. Every time the topic of the opening of Zenkoji opened this time on TV, it was awesome at that time in my house. As I was three years old, my daughter who had no memory of that time had a face that seemed unlikely to be convinced of such a talk. Children are junior high school students and elementary school higher grade. I am no longer traveling with my family. I am sorry that I did not go with my family on this occasion.

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