About 13 years ago I decided to go to Guam on a company trip.

It's summer vacation soon, the top season of traveling.

It's summer vacation soon, the top season of traveling. I am a travel lover, so even now I am busy with jobs, I am going on a trip for 12 nights during the Golden Week, Summer vacation, New Year and New Year. When I was single, I had plenty of time and economy, so I went there more often. I lived in Tokyo around the age of 20 and suddenly wanted to go to the country so I went to Nagaoka Onsen. In Saitama Prefecture adjacent to Tokyo Metropolitan Government, there was a clear stream where river descent can be found in a deep mountain backdrop, which made me feel like I've been traveling far away. The ryokan who stayed was an old-fashioned hot spring inn, and there was a table tennis table promised. After watching a table tennis for a single in a yukata figure, I went to a hot spring to sweat. The hot spring in the inn is small in the inner bath, but when going out from there, it is an open-air bath with a spacious view. It is supposed to be able to go from a women's bath or a man's bath, that is, mixed bathing. Once I wrapped a towel and a friend and a friend were in an outdoor bath, a couple of my uncle group came shivering and shouting, ""I do not have a lot of inner baths ..."" I have not heard of it I was excused for it. In the case of mixed bathing, a man is more likely to hold back. The outdoor bath was pleasant, it got up early the next morning and we went back again. The outdoor bath that enters in the cool air of the early morning mountain is also exceptional! There is no appearance of other guests coming in, and with the feeling of charity, we are relaxed at ease. Because there is nobody, I also removed the towel and it is very popular. There seems to be a river flowing under the outdoor bath, there is a sound that the Zeater and the water flow. In order to see the river, we approached the fence surrounding the outdoor bath as it was, got oneself and looked down. Then ... how many tents are stretched under the outdoor bath, and the early rising campers are not fishing in the morning! The eyes met with the people who took up the pole and looked back and solidified each other for a while. We are lots of pop .... It's embarrassing! I will become open-minded when I get on a trip, but now I have become a body that I can not show to other people since that time, so be careful not to have a failure.

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